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Health & Safety

It is important to us that safety is at the core of everything we do. From day one, Dolphyn has been focused on a structured approach to reducing risk and making Dolphyn inherently safe.

Dolphyn Hydrogen is seeking opportunities for large scale deployment at multiple locations in Europe, Asia and the America.

If you think there is opportunity to work together, we’d love to hear from you.

Our Design for Safety

Hydrogen has over a century of common use in the chemical and oil and gas industries, with both private companies and regulators having significant experience of ensuring safe operation. Safety should however never be taken for granted and in all aspects of Dolphyn safety is at the very centre of our thinking. Our engineering team has many years of technical risk and safety experience gained from the energy and process industries, where zero-risk tolerance is the norm.

We all share a strong safety culture built around shared values, processes, and approaches. From initial concepts, through the evolution of the engineering design for Dolphyn, the philosophy of “Designing for Safety” has been embedded into everything we have done. This will continue through Construction, Operation and Maintenance, and we will demand the same standards and approaches from all partners, advisors and sub-contractors that we work with.

We will always work collaboratively and tirelessly to embed continual safety improvements in line with the ethos of the UK HSE’s world leading safety regulations. In all aspects of our design process and operation, we will continue to share learnings, prioritise risk elimination and safety excellence, and seek appropriate safety certification.

Our safety ambition is to be acknowledged as the exemplar of safety in the hydrogen generation sector, and to be known for transparent, respectful and responsive communications on safety with all stakeholders, communities and members of the public.

Dolphyn Hydrogen Lifecycle